Deposit Configuration

Deposit Configuration

Before you begin - Setup a Stripe account

Before you begin, you'll first need to sign-up for a Stripe account and link this to e-Res.  We have an article explaining how to do this at the link below.

Once you have linked your Stripe account to e-Res, you can configure the deposits. Then, any online bookings which match your deposit criteria will be charged a deposit at the time of booking as you can see in the screen below.

Step 1 - Open the Deposit Configuration screen

To access the Deposit Configuration screen, click on the Deposit

This will open up the Deposit Configuration list which shows all of the deposits which you have setup in e-Res.

Step 2 - Add a new deposit 

To create a new deposit, click on the Add button.  This will open up the deposit configuration screen shown below.

On this screen, you can set the following...

- The deposit name/description
- The date range when the deposit will be active
- The rooms/meals for which the deposit will be applied
- Whether it's a single deposit or per person
- The deposit amount for each day of the week

In the above example, I've created a Weekend deposit which will charge 10.00 per person for the month of June on Friday and Saturday nights.

Click on Save and your deposit configuration will be saved.  You'll now see it in the deposit configuration list.

All bookings now made online which match the criteria you've set will be charged the required deposit.

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