Integrating with Stripe

Integrating with Stripe

The following article will guide you through the process of setting up a account and linking it to e-Res so that you can add credit card and/or deposit requirements for phone reservations and/or online bookings.

Step 1 - Open a Stripe Account

In order to enable the card processing feature, you will first need to open a Stripe account.  This is simple process and can be completed in under 10 minutes.

To open an account, head over to and follow the instructions.  Once you've set up your account, you'll need to complete the "Activation" to allow you to take real-time credit card details.

Step 2 - Find your API Keys

Once you have activated your account, you'll need to get the "Publishable" and "Secret" keys so we can copy these into the e-Res settings.  To find these, click on the Developers->API Keys menu option.

Check that you are using the "live" keys.  If your keys start with pk_test and sk_test then you need to switch off the "View test data" button on in the menu to the left.

Step 3 - Add your API Keys to e-Res

Copy each of these key values into the corresponding fields within the e-Res Administration->Settings->Stripe settings page as shown below...

If you want to only take card details for reservations over a certain size, set this in the guest number input. Set it to 0 to take card details for all bookings.

Click on "Close" and your your stripe account will now be linked to e-Res. Bookings made online will ask for credit card details if required.

When reservations are made, you'll see a new customer appear in your Stripe Dashboard showing the booking details and associated credit card.  Charges can then be made through the Stripe Dashboard as and when required.

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